Traces In Time

Thanks to the International Amber Association, I was given the opportunity to work with amber, a material I had never worked with before.

I decided to explore the unique beauty of amber in a novel way and to use guilloche engraving, an ancient and nearly extinct technique not typically associated with amber. This traditional technique is combined with the vibrant colors of enameled silver, creating a striking contrast. The decision to modify these million-year-old stones serves as a statement about the transformation of our world—suggesting that if we intervene, let it be to add brightness and vibrancy."

Everything Takes The Shape Of A Fish

Some of the ambers I work with are too small or crooked to be sawn or shaped.

In my series "everything takes the shape of a fish" I use the remnants of former pieces and add two ingredients: a flap with the exact same shape for each fish and the head of a needle as an eye.


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